We created some sample label designs.

Beer Label Design

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Beer Label Design

Hot Pepper Ale – We also designed a t-shirt to go with our “sample” beer line.

Once the brand and logo designs are finalized the next step is selecting the right container. Can vs. bottle. 

Label shapes are a consideration specific to beer-makers. Do you want a traditional shape and size, or something custom (die cut), which will make your line stand out, but may increase the printing cost? Do you want a separate label for the neck, front and back, or do you want one label that wraps around the body? Do you want to go with standard sticker, or maybe something unique with a transparent background as as vinyl custom stickers?


If you decide to with the bottle, then you have decide: 

  1. See our article on different colored bottle choices: Color of bottle: Clear, Green or Brown. 
  2. Before designing the label, we need to select size of bottle as seen in the chart below. There are several to choose from 11 oz Stubby, 12oz Heritage, 12oz. Long Neck, 22 oz. Bomber, 32 oz. Bomber, 32 oz Mini-Growler, 64 oz. Growler
  3. Standard beer bottle label sizes are 2.75” x 4.25”, 3.25” x 4” and 5” x 2.”
  4. Bottle cap or swing top?
  5. Beer Bottle Sizes

    Bottle Sizes To Choose From

    According to the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) there are label requirements: Click here for details.

    • Net contents: how much beer is in the bottle, i.e., “12 oz.” Depending on how much, you made need to use different measurements.
    • Alcohol Content: legal requirements may vary state by state.
    • Legibility: You have to be careful here, because legibility requirements may impede design choices. Mandatory information must appears large enough to read, in an uncomplicated font, set against a contrasting background and should be separate from promotional/explanatory text.
    • Type Size: A deeper legibility requirement is the size of the typeface itself, as well as the characters per inch. See this pdf for details.
    • Beer Class and Type: “Malt Beverage,” “Indian Pale Ale,” etc. As mentioned before, this isn’t just a legal necessity, it’s good branding!
    • Business Name, Address, Website/Social Media: You want all your thirsty fans to be able to find you!

    And if you want to sell your beer in stores, you need to remember to leave a space for a UPC code. Requirements may be different depending on where you live and where you want to sell. Make sure you do your research so you can have the most up-to-date info for us!

Contact Mariellen at  tap@aueragency.com to get your label design started. Or call us to find out more at 704-236-0568.

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