From building a brand identity to choosing the right quality t-shirt to edgy graphic design; we’ve got all the information you need to help your apparel line stand out right here. Read on if you’re ready to make your apparel line more competitive with shelf-worthy packaging and eye-popping design.

You need to know where your product stands from a branding perspective. We do the research, we know the trends, we and steer you in to the right direction as you develop your brand.

To simplify things, ask yourself these 4 key questions:

  1. What is your product?
  2. Who is your customer?
  3. How are they buying it?
  4. What is my competition doing?

First, you need to know what you’re selling. Local brand or plan on taking it national?  Cotton T-shirt or sublimated professional cycling jerseys? These are all crucial for developing the personality of your brand—and will dictate what specifically you need to communicate through your private label line.

Next, narrow down your target market. Your gear will sell better if you stop trying to satisfy everyone and focus on meeting the needs of and marketing to a small, select group. 

You want to consider trends and preferences; is your apparel for specific sport or cause? getting your name out there? More for the serious athlete or free-spirited, music-festival-attending Bohemians? On top of that, you’ll need to consider more practical elements, such as income and—more to the point—where your target customers prefer to buy their apparel.

Which brings us to the third question: how are they buying it? Does your target customer go to the local stores, or do they prefer ordering online? Do they buy it by individually or do they like combo deals? These are critical decisions that have trickling effects on all aspects of marketing, not the least of which is the label.

Final consideration, your competition. Everyone has it, but if you decide on your target market, what you are selling and how they are buying it, you may have discovered a new trend or category that no one else hasn’t tried yet. 

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