beer logo designBeer/Craft Beer and even Breweries’ logo design follows the same principles as any other start-up business, but the competition is tough with new breweries popping up everyday around the world!  We love the challenge, we love the excitement that the beer industry is undergoing at the present time. So how are you going to stand out? What does your brand say about you? Your company? Your philosophy? Your values and most importantly how is going to stand out from your competition?

So TAP into our company for RESULTS!  You have to decide on a name for your brand and the look and feel. Give us a call to help you through the process and develop a brand that is exciting and relates to your clientele and sells!!

  1. Name Availability – research the name you want and see if it’s available on social media, and in your target market
  2. How far will you go?- decide if this is going to stay local with a family and friends to enjoy, or if you think it’s going national. 
  3. Trademark your brand – secure the future of your brand by working with our suggested legal team
  4. Style – this is based on the brand’s personality, colors, type of beer. If it’s a summer brew, you want to focus on light colors, if it’s a seasonal brew for the holidays, then have some fun and incorporate some famous reindeers names
  5. Ingredients drive the brand – we also take into account, the ingredients  you use to makes the brand or label design stand out
  6. Packaging – we will take into account the numbers of colors, and type of packaging you are seeking.
  7. Budget – We have creative ways of using your  graphics and print techniques that you may haven’t even thought of saving your money and keeping you on time and on budget.
  8. Creativity – If you only have napkin sketch or an elaborate design in Illustrator, we can take your ideas and make them a reality. Our experienced designers have years of expeirence with printers, developing solutions that will even make your momma cry!
  9. Items needed to start your brand. We can help you design and produce a vareity of items to get your brand off and running. From Business cards, to labels to website to final packaging.

Hopefully we have given you some food for though to get started, but we would love to sit down with you and hear your story, share your ideas  and make them a reality.


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